Luke Schumaker

My name is Luke Schumaker, I am 19 years old, and I am proudly sponsored by Avalon Disc Golf.  I played my first round of disc golf in 2012 and started tournament play in 2020.  My passion for disc golf really skyrocketed during covid when I finally learned how to throw backhand!  Disc golf has been a great escape for me to get outside after a long day of school and relieve my stress.  I love to see how far I have come in the last couple years from when I couldn’t throw a backhand to placing 2nd in the 2022 Amatuer Michigan State Tournament (Intermediate).  Aside from playing, I helped design the 9 hole course at South Christian High School with one of my teachers.  I love to see how the sport is growing, and I want to continue to push myself to become better and give the glory to God while I do it.

Sam Schumaker

My name is Sam Schumaker and I am thrilled to be on team Avalon. I began playing disc golf in 2012
when my dad introduced my brothers and me to the game. I played on and off for a few years until I
played in my first tournament in 2019. The different environment that tournaments bring to the game
sparked a new fire in me that has kept me motivated to improve my game every day. I love getting to
know new players and facing new challenges in tournaments around Michigan. I hope to continue to
strengthen my game and achieve more top finished while helping to grow the sport in West Michigan
and show the love of Jesus to those I play with.

Joshua Maschino

I’ve had the pleasure of playing Disc Golf since fall of ‘19. I really fell in love watching the disc fly further and further as I practiced and getting to see a noticeable difference in my scores dropping as I worked harder. I’ve always been the most competitive person in my circle of friends and am wiling to work hard to accomplish my goals, no matter how large they might be. Lord willing I’m aspiring to make disc golf my career someday but I also have other aspirations like playing/making music and becoming a pastor in the future. 

Max Distance:

LHBH: 450 feet

LHFH: 350 feet

Putting style: Spin putt

Favorite Disc: Jawbreaker Zone or Cloudbreaker

Isaac Wood

Disc golf has had an outsized influence on my life.  It feels like such a silly thing to have such a positive impact on me.  Disc golf has helped me stay healthy and get exercise, provided an outlet to spend valuable time with friends, given me a place to think, and a skill to refine.  James 1:17 reminds me that "every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above".  I hope to share God's love through disc golf and give something back.Every successful tournament that we run or work with, every player that has had a good time, every relationship we can be a part of, continues to remind me why we keep doing what we're doing.  Disc golf has been good to me, and I strive to bless others through this blessing God has given me.

Christian Vanschaik

When COVID-19 first happened, I had no idea the impact that it would have on my life. All my life I have enjoyed being active, and suddenly I was unable to play the sports that I loved. It did give me the opportunity to find immense joy and pleasure in a new sport, disc golf. Before I knew it, I was binge watching Jomez, playing every day, and signing up for tournaments.

Disc golf has provided me the opportunity to meet new people, a place to think and pray, a challenge to achieve excellence, and an opportunity to share God’s love wherever I go. Colossians 3:23-24 reminds me that “whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, not for human masters, but for the Lord Christ that you are serving.” It is a reminder that

throughout all of my interactions, with every tournament I play, with every relationship that we establish, I am doing it for the glory of God. Disc golf has been a huge blessing to me, and I want to be able to pass that blessing on to all that we can.